When I was a kid, my family had a farm with lots of animals. We had cows, pigs, horses, dogs; you name it - we had it. My two brothers weren’t “into” the farm life, so I was the one that cleaned out pens and helped feed the animals. The animals always came first - you didn’t eat till they did, you didn’t sleep till night check. One day I grew up, got married, moved to the city, and felt like I lost something in my life. That all changed the day we brought home Sterling. At the time we were living on the beach and he loved playing on the beach chasing seagulls. After 4 months of puppy bliss, the hair around his neck started to fall out. I didn’t know what was happening to my little baby. Turns out he was actually allergic to the nylon! Just like when I was a kid, Sterling came first and I starting looking for a way to help him! So, I started making him fabric collars. And 4 years later, we’ve added two dogs to the pack, and still making doggie gear!

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